Our Commitment

Eagle Weighing Scales will consistently provide customers with weighing and systems equipment that is of uncompromising quality while rendering superior service in a prompt, dependable, and completely professional manner. We will continuously strive to improve by seeking better ways to provide quality products and deliver services that are valuable to customers.

Our goals will be accomplished by well trained, competent, and trustworthy employees to ensure that our reputation is not compromised. We intend to provide our employees a safe and healthy work place, recognition for outstanding performance, and earnings to afford a good standard of living while maintaining the profitable growth and financial strength of our company.

Eagle Weighing Scales is committed as a team to providing customers with precise and timely mobile on-site calibration services. Management is committed to excellence in technology and capabilities. Weigh-Tec will operate competitively and fairly in order to be the industry leader for quality service while maintaining total commitment to accuracy, measurement traceability, and customer satisfaction.

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