Waterproof Table Top Weighing Scales

Sleek and compact, this weighing scale takes up minimal bench space yet provides a full serving of features. it is simple to use, with five weighing units and modes suitable for many different applications. A sealed keypad, ABS plastic housing and large stainless steel pan are easy to clean, making it ideal for measuring, portioning, or weighing samples during food preparation.

it is well-suited for weighing blood bags in medical facilities, and veterinarians can use it to weigh small animals and measure compounds for treatments.

washdown scales feature IP66-rated waterproof housing and a large stainless steel weighing pan that can be easily cleaned down after use. these scales utlilize multi-coloured checkweighing light indicators to warn if a sample is under or over preset limits. Power is supplied by AC adapter and rechargeable battery, and auto power-off conserves battery life.

Our scales are highly versatile weighing machines that includes chweckweighing features for ensuring product standardization. it is used within a wide range of industries including food service, retail, agriculture and cosmetics.

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